Stephanie Nelson jumped at the opportunity to volunteer for TEDxCharlotte on the social media team.  After all, she eats, sleeps and breathes social media.

Each TEDxCharlotte social media team member was tasked with writing a blog post per week, and one of the pre-approved topics was to interview members of his/her community about what “Unlimit” means.  Stephanie started making a list of folks she thought would have a great answer to this.  But that also made her start pondering what it meant to her.

Her first thought was that “unlimit” had to mean complete freedom, no bounds, going for what you want with complete abandon.  She even saw a cell phone ad that said,” Unlimit yourself. Know freedom.”  But then the infamous words of Janis Joplin popped into Stephanie’s head…”Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

So which is it?  Choosing complete abandon?  Or moving forward without a choice because you’ve got nothing left to lose?

Stephanie has decided that for her, the answer lies somewhere in the middle and many times depends on the situation.  Sometimes in life you get the amazing opportunity to choose that you’re going to unlimit yourself and get rid of everything that’s holding you back.  Sometimes, though, it’s not your choice.  You truly do have nothing left to lose.  That doesn’t mean that you’re any less unlimited, though, and that shouldn’t keep you from seeking complete freedom and happiness in your journey.  However the chance to unlimit yourself comes to you, run with it with everything you’ve got!

This post was written by feature author Stephanie Nelson.  Photo credit: Giovanni Gutierrez

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